welcome to fellowship bible church

Fellowship Bible Church is a family of imperfect people together experiencing the love, acceptance and grace of Jesus Christ. Our heart as a church can be summed up in six simple words. Love God. Love People. Make disciples.

Love god

Through Jesus Christ we have the opportunity to experience a personal relationship with God. This fact alone is an amazing reality to discover. We desire to provide a place where everyone can grow in their relationship with God no matter where they are in their journey. (Matthew 22:36-37)

Love People

A vital way to express our love for God is to love others. We strive to cultivate a culture where we constantly extend grace, acceptance and forgiveness to one another. We want to mourn with those who mourn. We want to celebrate with those who celebrate. We want to smile at each other’s quirks and weaknesses while celebrating each other’s strengths. (Matthew 22:38-39)

Make Disciples

The natural outcome of loving God and loving people is to want everyone to experience the joy of being a Christ-follower or disciple of Jesus Christ. We strive to live out our God given mission to help others become followers of Jesus Christ. Our hope is that God will use each of us to point others to Christ. (Matthew 28:18-20)

join us in worship

We invite you to join us in worship at Fellowship Bible Church. Sunday School and Services are held each Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. respectively.  Fellowship Student Ministries meets Wednesday evenings at 6 pm.  To learn more, click the links below and see just how you can fit in the FBC family.

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