No One Left Behind


Jeff Walchshauser

God's Heart - every person restored.

No One Left Behind

Matthew 18:10-22

God’s Heart – every person restored. (10-14)

God’s restoration process. (15-22)

  1. Private meeting. (15)
  2. Private conference. (16)
  3. Tell the church family. (17a)
  4. Treat as one who needs to be restored. (17b)

God’s encouragement for our approach. (18-22)

  • Restore with God’s authority. (18)
  • Restore with unity. (19-20)
  • Restore with forgiving hearts. (21-22)

study questions:

For the Next Lesson: Matthew 18:10-22

1.Warm-up. These verses outline what is typically known as the “church discipline” process. When you think of church discipline, what comes to mind? What experiences or presuppositions do you think influence your view of church discipline?

2.Read verses 10-14. What is God’s heart for those who have gone astray and don’t follow him? What should our attitude and heart be for those who are involved in unrepentant sin? What is the goal of church discipline? Therefore, what is the first step of church discipline?

3.Read verses 15-17. After getting your heart right, what four steps of church discipline do you see in these verses? Take the time to write down these steps in your own words. What do you think it means to “tell it to the church”? What does it look like in practical, everyday life to “let him be to you as a Gentile or a tax collector”?

4.Read verses 18-20. What is God’s point in verse 18, and how does this relate to church discipline? What is God’s point in verses 19-20?

5.Read verses 21-22. How should we respond to someone who is repentant after weeks, months or even years of unrepentant sin? Why is this difficult to do?

6.So what. To what kinds of situations does “church discipline” apply? Do you believe the process in these verses would better be entitled Biblical Conflict Resolution rather than church discipline? Why or why not? How can you live- out the instructions given in these verses to resolve conflict biblically in your own life?