Jeff Walchshauser

God defines manhood.

Genesis 2-3

Real men…

Work hard to build God’s Kingdom. (2:15)

Submit to God’s authority and boundaries. (2:16-17)

Refuse to fly solo. (2:18-25)

Reject passivity. (3:1-7)

Accept responsibility. (3:8-12)

Love sacrificially. (Mark 10:35, Eph. 5:25)

study questions:

1. Warm-up. How does our culture view manhood and womanhood? How would you define manhood? How do you think the Bible defines manhood?

2. Read verses 2:4-17. How was the first man created? What were his surroundings like? What roles or jobs did God give to Adam (vs. 15)? What restrictions were given by God (vv. 16-17)? How would you summarize Adam’s God-given role here on earth? How does this role given to Adam apply to men now?

3. Read verses 2:18-24. What did Adam do in verse 20? What does this imply about his position and responsibility in regards to the animals of the earth? What did Adam do in verse 23? What does this imply in regards to his position and responsibility with his wife? How do Adam’s role, position and responsibility apply to men now?

4. Read verses 3:1-7. How did the serpent get Eve to eat what was forbidden by God? Did God really say what the serpent claimed He said? How so? Where was Adam while Eve was disobeying God (vs. 6)? What was Adam doing? Based on what you discovered in chapter 2, what should Adam have done when the serpent was misleading Eve? What do Adam’s actions or failure to act teach us about how men today can struggle with manhood?

5. Read verses 3:8-13. Who did God question in the garden? Who did God hold responsible for Adam and Eve eating the fruit? How did Adam respond, and who did Adam blame? What do we learn from this situation about biblical manhood?

6. So what. Based on your study of Genesis 2-3, what have you gleaned that helps you define biblical manhood? If you are a woman, how do these realities impact your life? If you are a man, how can you grow in biblical manhood? Are God’s views of biblical manhood difficult to embrace while living in our culture? Why or why not?