Honoring God with His Money and Possessions


Jeff Walchshauser

God expects us to honor Him with His money and possessions.

Honoring God with His Money and Possessions

Malachi 3:7 - 4:6

God expects us to honor Him with His money and possessions.

The Promise: Return to me, and I will return to you. (3:7)

The Challenge: Stop, thief! (3:8-16)

The Encouragement: Anticipate the future. (3:17-4:3)

The Command: Remember my commandments. (4:4-6)

study questions:

For the Next Lesson: Malachi 3:7-4:6

1. Read verse 3:7. What is God’s promise to the Israelites? What does this promise teach us about God’s character? If you truly believed this promise, how would it influence your personal relationship with God?

2. Read verses 3:8-15. What is God’s primary accusation in the first two sentences of verse 8? How were they doing this? Why do you think God used such strong language for this accusation? What is the promise God makes to Israel? What must the people do to receive the blessings of this promise? Does this promise apply to us today? How so? What is one principle or lesson you can take away from verses 8-15?

3. Read verses 3:16. What did the God-fearing people do in response to God’s rebukes? Take a few minutes to “remember”; list ways God has been faithful to you. Esteem and honor God by thanking Him in prayer and by sharing what you “remember” with one another.

4. Read verses 3:17-4:6. What does God declare in 3:17-18? What does God declare 4:1? What does God declare in 4:2-3? What does God encourage the people to do in 4:4-6? How do you think the declarations in 3:17-4:3 motivated the Israelites to follow God’s instructions in 4:4? How should these declarations motivate you? What does it look like for you to follow God’s command in 4:4?

5. So what. As you consider this entire passage, what have you been reminded about God’s character that encourages you? What about God’s future actions motivates you to live for God now? What is one specific thing from your study that applies to your life today?